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Welcome to our 2015 Winter Collection of W. Britain Model Soldiers. This selection adds figures to five of our current ranges. Included are the first Saxons for the Wrath of the Northmen range with many more coming soon.
Several of the new figures in our Napoleonic collection are new sculpts to replace ones now retired allowing new collectors to acquire good basic poses, while offering the chance to add variety to existing collections. We find it more realistic to have variations in standard poses like standing and kneeling firing for realistic dioramas and displays. You will note that the 44th Foot Light Company gets to entirely new poses to round out that regiments flank company. The Spring catalog will have further additions to this popular collection including figures for two new regiments.
We are very happy to release some important additions to our Regiments collection. Our first full grouping reflects a wonderful period in the transition of military clothing from the eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century featuring the British 10th Light Dragoons. In the Fall catalog, we released an officer, trumpeter and a trooper from this famous regiment.
In 1783, King George III ordered the regiment to change its title from dragoons to light dragoons and renamed it after his eldest son, HRH George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales who became its colonel in 1796.
We had a good fortune that several period paintings survive depicting members of the regiment, including a work by George Stubbs (1724-1806) commissioned by the Prince in 1793. There are also several miniature portraits of officers of the regiment including the Prince himself dressed as Colonel of the 10th Light Dragoons.
While researching, we discovered a painting dome by William Beechey (1753-1839) titled, "George III and Prince of Wales reviewing troops," painted in 1798. This beautiful painting inspired us to design a new mounted King George the III and Horse Guards to accompany him for the review. These monumental paints lead us to these new figure designs was sadly destroyed in the 1992 Windsor Castle fire.

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William Britain, W. Britain or simply Britain's, no matter what we are called our name is synonymous with toy soldiers. Since 1893 W. Britain has been producing toy soldiers and military miniatures with attention to detail, quality and authenticity. Each model figure is cast out of metal and hand painted to the highest possible standards. Our ranges include traditional toy style figures in 1/32 scale (54mm / 2.125" tall) and a large selection of realistic matte finished figures in 1/30 scale (58mm / 2.3125" tall). Most major time periods are covered from the eighteenth century up to the conflicts of the twentieth century. Whatever your interest, W. Britain has figures and accessories for your collection!

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