25167 - German Grenadier in Greatcoat Prone Throwing Grenade, 1942-45

25167 - German Grenadier in Greatcoat Prone Throwing Grenade, 1942-45
SKU: 25167


German Grenadier in Greatcoat Prone Throwing Grenade, 1942-45

The Stielhandgranate, German for “stick hand grenade” or in Allied army parlance a “potato masher,” refers to the series of stick grenade designs, distinguished by their long wooden handles, pull cord arming, and cylindrical warhead. It was an effective offensive grenade in that one could throw and chase after it. With its 170g of TNT and smooth shell, the grenade was meant to concuss the enemy as opposed to the shattering effect of the American Mk 2 “pineapple” fragmentation grenade. The stick handle gave it more leverage when thrown and ease of use for a non-practiced soldier. The pull cord, connected to a detonator that ran down the length of the hollow handle, emerged from the base. To use it, a soldier would simply pull the string, dragging a rough steel rod through the igniter within the fuse. 

1/30 Scale
 Matte Finish
 Single Figure in Box

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