31353 - Federal Irish Brigade Kneeling Ramming

31353 - Federal Irish Brigade Kneeling Ramming
SKU: 31353

1/30 Scale
Matte Finish
1 Piece Set

A black powder musket is a simple instrument, at its core it is a hollow tube, closed at one end, open at the other. Powder is poured down the tube, a bullet is seated and rammed down the barrel. An ignition cap is put in place and when stuck by the hammer, the powder is ignited, discharging the weapon. The drill is repeated and repeated and in so doing, burned powder silt begins to build up. This process is called “fouling.” Black powder residue collects in the bore after each shot building up layers until the rifling is buried. Accuracy is decreased and, even more catastrophic, the ball eventually will not fit down the barrel, rendering the weapon little more than a glorified club.

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