HA9623 - German Antitank, Anti-personnel & Small Arms Markings Decals

HA9623 - German Antitank, Anti-personnel & Small Arms Markings Decals
SKU: HA9623

WWII German Antitank, Anti-personnel & Small Arms Markings

1:35/1:32 scale

Hudson & Allen Studio waterslide decals are unsurpassed in quality and grade. The film itself is thick enough not to tear on application yet thin enough to lie flat over surface details. The printing is rich and opaque allowing for full coverage of the underlying model color. Printed in the USA.

This sheet contains markings for tellermines, the three variations of Panzerfaust and German 7.92mm ammo crate markings. Also included are several variations of German minefield warning signs. Over 200 million mines were placed by the Germans in France alone in WWII. Many of these were Tellermines type 35 & 42. Many of the anti-invasion obstacles designed by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had this type of mine attached (The Wehrmacht dubbed them Rommel-spangel). Depending on where and when the mines were manufactured they could be painted black, gray, dark green or sand tan. We have included markings in black for the lighter paint schemes and red & white markings for dark finishes. All of the markings on this sheet were copied from original examples. Germany’s prewar rearmament program was based on 9mm calibre ammunition for pistols and sub-machine guns and 7.92 calibre for rifles and machine guns. We have included crate markings for the latter. Each one of these wooden crates held 1,500 rounds packed in 5 gray cardboard cartons. Each carton had a linen strap that card be used to carry it over the shoulder. Each of these cartons held 300 rounds packed in 20 more cardboard packages that held 15 rounds each. When filled, each wooden crate would weigh between 109.13 lbs to 118.61 lbs. There are enough markings to detail 12 boxes with top, end and side labels. As early as November 1939 many brass cartridges were being replaces by steel. This was also indicated on the labels and can be modeled by drawing a wide vertical light blue band in the middle of the label with a blue high lighter. This should be done after the decals have been placed and are dry.

The “Panzerfaust” is one of the best known German Antitank weapons. It was a single shot disposable weapon, the first versions being the 30M which had a range of 30 meters and the “Klein” 30M. By 1944 the 30M was generally replaced by the 60M, and the 100M was available by November of that year. The warhead itself had a large label with instructions for use applied to it. Ours were taken from surviving examples and from left to right on the sheet are for the 60M, 30M and 30M Klein. These weapons appeared in dark gray, dark green and sand tan. The beware of blast stencils for the launcher tube are in yellow for the dark schemes and red for the light finishes. The proof stamps in the lower left of this part of the sheet appeared on the head and tube of the weapons. Anyone who has ever used water slide decals is familiar with the procedure for using Hudson & Allen decals. The area to receive the decal should be coated with a clear gloss to give a good surface for the decal to adhere to. This will also help to hide the decal film. After consulting you're references to determine the decals correct placement, carefully cut the desired part out of the decal sheet. Soak the cut out decal in warm water until the decal can be easily slid off the paper backing. Do not slide the decal off the paper backing until you have removed the decal and backing paper from the water and are ready to position the decal. You may wish to moisten the area of the model that is to receive the decal. You may also wish to use one of the several decal setting solutions available to help the decal lie flat on the model and to conform to the surface of any curves or wrinkles. Now carefully slide the decal from the paper backing and onto the model. Discard the paper backing and gently pat the excess water from the surface of the decal and model using a cotton swab, a lint free cloth or a piece of tissue. While patting the decal and model make sure that no air bubbles are trapped under the surface of the decal. If air bubbles are present, carefully work them to the edge of the decal and out from under it. Be careful not to move the decal out of position while patting it, although at this stage it is easy to push back into place. Wait at least 24 hours before handling your model to proceed to the next step.

After the decals are completely dry, they should be covered with a clear flat paint to protect the decal and to hide the decal carrier film. We have chosen to manufacture our decals using the thinnest film possible but you must still build up a thin layer of clear flat thick enough to hide the carrier or the effect of having German markings stenciled on the equipment will be lost. With a little patience and a little practice you will soon be comfortable with the process and will be producing beautifully detailed models.

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