HA9931 German Ammo & Supply Boxes Set 2

HA9931 German Ammo & Supply Boxes Set 2
SKU: HA9931

German Ammo & Supply Boxes Set 2

1:35 scale

Production and supply of essential materials in Germany was a highly centralized and complex system in WWII. There were at least 17 different districts in Germany alone and each district had separate depots for ammunition, weapons, vehicles, equipment, medical supplies, clothing, fuel, and food. IN addition to this, the Waffen SS developed their own system as the war progressed.
As with the Allied nations, the Germans used a variety of specialized metal, wooden, and cardboard containers to ship supplies from the point of manufacturing to the armies in the field.

Of the three types of materials used for packaging and shipping, the least in known about the cardboard containers because so few survived. Over the years, H&A has collected and examined a numbers of these and drew the following conclusions:
Many of them were initially shipped in wooden crates or boxes of some similar type and then the contents could be broken up and distributed in the smaller cardboard boxes. Unlike most Allied boxes of this type, very little of the nomenclature or graphics appear to be commonly printed on the boxes when they were manufactured. Most of the information appeared as applied stamps and labels, with occasional examples of civilian style packaging with government applies stamps indicating ownership and used by the military only.
Almost all of the boxes examined were gray or grayish-brown in color with many ion them having applied reinforcements on the corners with tape or even thin metal.

One commonly surviving example of this system in the packaging of 9mm and 7.92mm ammunition. Typically, a lightly constructed wooden box would contain 1,500 rounds of ammunition. When this box was opened, there was an interior cardboard box that fit inside. Inside this box were five Packhülze or packing sleeves. In each Packhülze there were 20 Faltschachtel, or folding boxes, that held 15 rounds each. Each one of these boxes had an applied printed label with all of the necessary information on caliber, type of bullet, case, powder, primer, factory, lot number, and packing dates.

Boxes include: 9mm ammo, friction Primer, flashlight batteries, smoke grenades, foot salve, frostbite salve, disinfectant salve, star shells, lice powder, and soap. Printed in the USA.

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